Mason Douglas

“Mason’s fans have become addicted to his distinguished diversity, some saying he sounds like Chris Isaak with his signature, sexy falsettos; some saying Garth Brooks with his honesty and range; and others even saying he’s ‘country music’s Rob Thomas’.”

I guess they’re pretty much right on the money with that one but it’s SO much easier to say what they said than to actually say it about myself. Because that’s just kinda goofy.

Let’s continue with the things that I’ve accomplished in my musical career that I’m proud of: I’ve showcased at the historic and humbling Ryman Auditorium which was beyond words and an absolute dream come true…I’ve opened for Trace Adkins, Terri Clark, Jewel, Big & Rich, James Otto, and a bunch of others…I had continued airplay on terrestrial syndication radio (Big D And Bubba) with my songs “Home Free” and “Meet Me At The End Of The Aisle”…I signed with Rural Rhythm Records, wrote, recorded and released my debut album, “Anything Can Happen”, all while working an 8-to-5 day job to pay the bills (MUCH tougher than it sounds, mind you…and no, I do not have to go to the day job anymore but I’m thankful that I did when I had to because now I can say “IT CAN BE DONE!” to all the Nay-Sayers that cry “It can NOT be done!”. That’s B.S.). Oh, and I’m also very proud of the fact that I wrote/co-wrote 9 out of the 11 songs on this recent album.
Next, I’m a HUGE military supporter. My father, before he died of Lou Gehrig’s Disease when I was 16, was an Air Force Colonel and Vietnam Vet and he instilled a deep patriotism that I carry with me to this day. One of my unaccomplished dreams is a Middle East USO Tour to go play for the troops over there. Say…do you know anybody who knows anybody?!


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