Two singles now available from the first album by STUART WYRICK in the WIDE OPEN AT THE CURVE Series

Nashville, TN (March 16, 2016) – Rural Rhythm Records and Rural Rhythm Recording artist Steve Gulley have started a new series created to spotlight artists from the heart of the mountains. The music will be recorded at Gulley’s recording studio The Curve, located in Cumberland Gap, TN nestled in the Tri-State area where Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia meet near the base of the Cumberland Mountains.

The series is called Rural Rhythm Presents WIDE OPEN AT THE CURVE and will create single and album projects featuring Mountain homegrown talent who are ready for prime time and the national spotlight.

“I’m so excited about the new, “Wide Open At The Curve”, recording series. When my good friend, Rural Rhythm Records President/CEO Sam Passamano II and I discussed upcoming projects we wanted to create together, we both agreed that we saw a glaring need for a vehicle that could give a voice for some great vocalists, songwriters and instrumentalists whom you may otherwise never see in the spotlight. This is a way to allow folks who have been seen in supporting roles, undiscovered or simply never stepped out front and center a way to be heard and seen on the national stage. Most of the talented people who’ll be included in the series have traveled all over the country and some, even worldwide as part of ensembles or groups but may never have been allowed to truly shine on their own. It is our intent to make that happen with this series of recordings. I can’t wait to share this fresh, new music with everyone. Get ready to hear some incredible new sounds from some uniquely talented people who, in my opinion, are long overdue.” – Steve Gulley

Selecting the first project for WIDE OPEN AT THE CURVE was easy and comes from within the family. Stuart Wyrick and Steve Gulley were former band mates with the Dale Ann Bradley Band and label mates with Rural Rhythm Records where Gulley produced the first Brand New Stringsalbum and brought the project to Rural Rhythm (Stuart played banjo for the group).  Rural Rhythm Records released two Brand New Strings albums; No Strings Attached in 2010 and Stay Tuned in 2012.  In addition, Wyrick wrote “That’s You” from the Stay Tuned album and that song reached Top 5 on the Bluegrass Junction – SiriusXM – Most Played Tracks in September 2012.

The upcoming album byStuart Wyrick titled East Tennessee Sunsrise, is scheduled for a Fall release and includes a good mix of strong instrumental songs and special guest vocalist songs.  The album’s emphasis is on both instrumental and vocal songs, so two lead singles are being released, one instrumental and one vocal track.  D.J.’s can download both singles; Little Moonshine JohnnyandStitzenburg Breakdownnow on AirPlay Direct.

“Little Moonshine Johnny”is written by Keith Williams and features Keith on lead vocals along with an award winning All-Star Bluegrass group of musicians including;Kenny Smith (guitar), Tim Crouch (fiddle), Alan Bibey(mandolin), Steve Gulley(tenor vocal, bass)and of course Stuart Wyrick(baritone Vocal, banjo).

“Many years ago I heard this song performed by Hard Times, a popular Bluegrass group in the Tri-Cities area in Tennessee.  Keith Williams, the songwriter, and I grew up in the same rural community called Tater Valley.  The song tells the story of a way of life for mountain folks that had no other way to provide for their families other than moonshining.  Although Johnny is breaking the law, we find ourselves visualizing his hard work and cheering him on in his escape.”Stuart Wyrick


German Bluegrass songwriter Jurgen Biller wrote “Stitzenburg Breakdown” and includes the same group of All-Star Bluegrass pickers supporting Stuart Wyrick on banjo including Kenny Smith(guitar), Tim Crouch (fiddle), Alan Bibey (mandolin), Steve Gulley (bass).

“While on tour in Ireland, I heard another fellow banjo player, Jurgen Biller from Stuttgart, Germany perform this instrumental at the Ulster American Folk Park, Omagh.  It has a Scruggs sound to it and it caught my attention.  It displays an up tempo, yet traditional sound”Stuart Wyrick

Wyrick, draws his talent from the hills of Union County in East Tennessee where many legendary artists have emerged including Roy Acuff, Chet Atkins, Carl Smith and Lois Johnson.  Wyrick began his musical career at the tender age of 8 in a small rural community nestled in Luttrell, Tennessee called Tater Valley.

Wyrick is no stranger to Bluegrass music.  Over the past few decades he has been a band member playing banjo in the Dale Ann Bradley Band since 2013 and stays busy performing with the award winning artist nationally and internationally and especially enjoys performing at the Grand Ole Opry.

Before joining the Dale Ann Bradley Band, Wyrick was also a member of the popular Bluegrass group Brand New Strings who recorded two albums for Rural Rhythm Records and released several successful singles.  The group caught the attention of the label when Brand New Strings won the SPBGMA International Band contest award in 2009.  Prior to that, Stuart was a founding member of the Bluegrass Gospel group New Road who recorded six albums and the Better Way Quartet who recorded four albums and his first group The Tater Valley Boys.

Stuart’s love for the banjo materialized in the 70’s when his dad took him to see an Osborne Brothers concert at the WNOX auditorium in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Soon after that he began buying bluegrass records with money he saved from working in tobacco and hauling hay, developing his banjo style by drawing from the sounds of Flatt and Scruggs, JD Crowe and the Osborne Brothers.

In his spare time Wyrick enjoys working on his 60 acre farm raising Black Angus and Hereford cattle.

Stay tuned for more single and album announcements coming soon regarding the new WIDE OPEN AT THE CURVE series.

Sam Moore: The original “Soul Man” with Nu-Blu

Sam Moore The 78-year-old’s pleading tenor, which Rolling Stone magazine ranked as one of the 100 greatest voices of the rock era, developed in church as a boy.
In the beginning, Moore actually wanted to be a preacher. “I would get out, you know, on Saturdays and put a table out front,” Moore said. “And I had a comic book, opened it up, that was my Bible. And I think I repeated the Lord’s Prayer about 40 times.”

He just recorded a tribute to George Jones with the country band Nu-Blu. The single is on iTunes.

Sam Moore has always been uncomfortable being called the original “Soul Man.”

“But I know this, at the end of the night, before I leave the stage, I better do ‘Soul Man’,” said Moore. “Gotta do it. Do I get tired? Ya, but you know what, when they go into it and I look up and see them jumpin’ up and down, it all leaves.”

“It’s an honor to do it man. It’s an honor,” said Moore.

Read the full story HERE


Ronnie Reno’s Old Time Music, Front Porch Gospel

Ronnie Reno’s Old Time Music

Ronnie Reno’s Old Time Music, Front Porch Gospel – A tribute to the great gospel songs and artists who sing the praises of bluegrass gospel music.
1. Ronnie Reno and The Reno Tradition –
2. Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers – Fallen Leaves
3. Gibson Brothers – He Can Be Found
4. Rhonda Vincent and The Rage – His Promised Land
5. Ronnie Reno with Heath Van Winkle & John Mayberry  Somebody Touch Me
6. Sleepy Man Banjo Boys – When The Angels Carry Me Home
7. Del McCoury Band – I’ll Put On a Crown
8. Chuck Wagon Gang – Everybody Will Be Happy Over There

Bill Emerson and Sweet Dixie Release “Dancin’ Annie”



Bill Emerson and Sweet Dixie Release "Dancin' Annie"

Bill Emerson and Sweet Dixie, Nashville (January 28, 2014) – Rural Rhythm Records is proud to announce the new single from BILL EMERSON AND SWEET DIXIE.   Written by SWEET DIXIE member and featured vocalist Chris Stifel, the single “Dancin’ Annie” is also the title track of the upcoming BILL EMERSON & SWEET DIXIE album scheduled for release on CD and digital formats on March 4th.

Bill Emerson and Sweet Dixie Called a “Banjo Legend” by the Washington Post, BILL EMERSON is certainly one of the most influential musicians in Bluegrass music and certainly shines along with his SWEET DIXIE group on their new single “Dancin’ Annie”.

“Bill Emerson embodies the best of what bluegrass music is all about.  “Dancin’ Annie” couples Bill’s precise, crisp banjo playing with soulful vocals to give the listener nearly three minutes of bluegrass perfection.  It’s excellent!”  – Kyle Cantrell, SiriusXM Bluegrass Junction

Bill Emerson and Sweet Dixie Release “Dancin’ Annie”the single is now available to DJ’s on Airplay Direct.

DANCIN’ ANNIE is Bill’s fourth album for Rural Rhythm Records which also includes his solo album ECLIPSEfrom 2011.   The album contains 12 songs featuring two new original songs by renowned Bluegrass and Country songwriter Pete Goble and Leroy Drumm; “Days When You Were Mine”, “This Heart You Have Broken”, Bill Emerson’s instrumental “State Line Ride”“He Knows My Name” by Rob Mills, “Two Hands On The Wheel” by Nancy Pate, and two songs from SWEET DIXIEband members “Dancin’ Annie”, the first single, by Chris Stifel and “Whistle Stop” by Wayne Lanham.

DANCIN’ ANNIE is an acoustic blend of traditional and contemporary Bluegrass, classic Country, dynamic instrumentals and rich gospel songs featuring three distinct lead singers; Chris Stifel, Teri Chism and Wayne Lanham.


Beginning in 1957, BILLEMERSON established himself as a banjo virtuoso and history maker alike!  He was a founding member of the famed Bluegrass ensemble THE COUNTRY GENTLEMEN; billed as a featured artist while with JIMMY MARTIN during the height of that Bluegrass legend’s career; the man who introduced the classic “Fox on the Run” to bluegrass; and was the founder and shaper of COUNTRY CURRENT, the world renowned Bluegrass ensemble of the United States Navy Band.

Heritage Collection Series Adds, Mainer, Smiley & Greer

Heritage Collection Series



Nashville, TN (January 21, 2014) Rural Rhythm Records is proud to announce two new new titles in its archival HERITAGE COLLECTION series.  The Rural Rhythm HERITAGE COLLECTION Series will help keep traditional roots music alive and preserved for future generations.  The Rural Rhythm HERITAGE COLLECTION Series includes authentic Old-Time Country, Bluegrass, Folk, Country Waltzes, Fiddle Tunes and Gospel music performed by many legends & pioneers.  Titles are mastered from the original master tapeswith original cover artwork and include many albums never-before available on CD. Rural Rhythm HERITAGE COLLECTION Series

The first four titles in the Rural Rhythm HERITAGE COLLECTION Series were released last year which included RED SMILEY & The Blue Grass Cut-Ups – Red Smiley & The Blue Grass Cut-Ups originally released in 1967, CURLY FOX – Champion Fiddler, Volume One originally released in 1972,LEE MOORE – Sings Radio Favorites of Country Music originally released in 1966 and HYLO BROWN & The Timberliners –  Hylo Brown & The Timberliners originally released in 1967All of these albums are available on the CD format for the first time.

Rural Rhythm is now releasing two more titles in the HERITAGE COLLECTION Series in both the physical CD and digital formats by J.E. MAINER with RED SMILEY & The Blue Grass Cut-Ups, Volume 3 originally released in 1968 and JIM GREER & The Mac-O-Chee Valley Folks – Stars of the W.W.V.A. Jamboree originally released in 1967.  Neither of these titles were ever available on the CD album nor digital download formats.

J.E. MAINER with RED SMILEY & The Blue Grass Cut-Ups, Volume 3JIM GREER & The Mac-O-Chee Valley Folks – Stars of the W.W.V.A. Jamboree originally released in 1967.


RED SMILEY & The Blue Grass Cut-Ups   CURLY FOX - Champion Fiddler


Hylo Brown & The Timberliners originally released in 1967   ,LEE MOORE - Sings Radio Favorites of Country Music


All six titles are currently available to DJ’s on AirPlay Direct: RED SMILEY & THE BLUE GRASS CUT-UPSCURLY FOXHYLO BROWN LEE MOOREJ.E. MAINER with RED SMILEY and JIM GREER.

In addition to the 6 titles mentioned above, 4 other titles have just been made available on CD with the original album art and are also avaialble to the public on the digital download format.  These titles are also available to DJ’s on AirPlay Direct.  Below is a list of these additional tltles in the Heritage Collection series:

RED SMILEY & The Blue Grass Cut-Ups – Volume 2 (RUR-182)

LEE MOORE – Everybody’s Favorite (RUR-202)

J.E. MAINER & The Mountaineers – The Legenday J.E. Mainer, Volume 20 (RUR-250)

CURLY FOX – Champion Fiddler, Volume Two (RUR-252)

All of the titles in the Heritage Collection series have charted very high on the TOP 50 ALBUM CHART and TOP 50 BLUEGRASS / FOLK ALBUM CHART from  AirPlay Direct.  On January 16th, three of the titles held the #3, #4 and #5 chart positions on the AirPlay Direct TOP 50 ALBUM CHART.

Upcoming titles to the Rural Rhythm HERITAGE COLLECTION Series:

o   HYLO BROWN – Folk Songs of Rural America

o   HYLO BROWN – Legends & Tall Tales

o   JIM EANES with RED SMILEY & The Blue Grass Cut-Ups

o   J.E. MAINER & The Mountaineers – The Legendary J.E. Mainer, Volume 4

o   MAC MARTIN & The Dixie Travelers – Travelin’ Blues – Instrumental Album

o   DALE POTTER with Shot Jackson & Jim Murphy– Hoe Down, Volume 1 – Instrumental Album

More reissue titles will be announced shortly

The Rural Rhythm HERITAGE COLLECTION Series is available through eOne Distribution, and available wherever digital and physical CD music is sold.

About Rural Rhythm Records Catalog: 

Rural Rhythm Records released a long line of Old-Time Country; Bluegrass & Gospel albums during the label’s first two decades after Uncle Jim O’Neal started the label in 1955.  Many of these vintage classic albums are still in Rural Rhythm’s active catalog available on CD and digital formats.  Many songs are still available in the various artist collection titles found in the SOUND TRADITIONS series.  Many tracks were previously released only on vinyl records and will come back to life through the Rural Rhythm HERITAGE COLLECTION Series.

Many legends and pioneers released albums during this period including Mac Wiseman, Hylo Brown, Don Reno & Bill Harrell, Red Smiley, Jim Eanes, Vassar Clements, J.E. Mainer, Earl Taylor & Jim McCall, Raymond Fairchild and many more.  Bringing the traditional “retro” vintage sounds from the past preserves, protects, promotes and presents the ageless music of these artists for current and future generations to enjoy and appreciate using the technologies of the 21st Century.

Rural Rhythm’s SOUND TRADITIONS collection titles have helped keep the traditional Bluegrass flame burning for decades and will continue the steady flow of available Old-Time Country, Bluegrass & Gospel titles culled from the treasure trove of masters in the Rural Rhythm Records vault…IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC !

Bluegrass Music TV Alert, Christmas The Mountain Way

Bluegrass Music  TV Alert

Christmas The Mountain Way

Tune in this Sunday,December 22nd, 1:30pm ET

Blockbuster Studio ch. 102 DISH Network!

Christmas The Mountain Way
Christmas The Mountain Way

CHRISTMAS: THE MOUNTAIN WAY is a live performance musical show that showcases Christmas and its traditions in the Appalachian Mountains.

The Bell Theater in Pineville, KY was turned into a Christmas wonderland. The show, hosted by Mike Scott, featured performances by Steve Gulley, Dale Ann Bradley (2007, 2008, 2009 2011 & 2012 IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year), Marty Raybon(Grammy winner), Audie Blaylock (2012 IBMA Male Vocalist of the Year nominee) ,Cumberland River, Common Strings, Debbie Gulley and students from the Cumberland River Music Academy.

Sneak Peak:




Ronnie Reno & Rural Rhythm Join Forces with TV Show and more!

Ronnie Reno & Rural Rhythm Join Forces with TV Show and more!


Ronnie Reno & Rural Rhythm Join Forces with TV Show and more!
Ronnie Reno & Rural Rhythm Join Forces with TV Show and more!

Nashville, TN (November 20, 2013) – Rural Rhythm Records is proud to announce a much larger association with entertainer Ronnie Reno that will involve music and video production development and marketing and distribution.  Rural Rhythm president Sam Passamano and Ronnie Reno have been good friends for years and in 2010 their friendship developed into music distribution for Reno’s “Reno & Smiley – 1963” and “Mac Wiseman – 1971” CD titles.

Both Ronnie Reno and Rural Rhythm have been instrumental in bringing new, classic roots and old time music to the public over for many years. The 2013 IBMA “Broadcaster of the Year”, Reno’s body of work includes recordings with Reno & Smiley and as a solo artist, live performances and his highly successful weekly TV show “RENO’S OLD TIME MUSIC” on RFD-TV.

Rural Rhythm, in its almost 60 years of music production, boasts a catalog that includes releases by such legends as Mac Wiseman, Hylo Brown, Reno & Harrell, Red Smiley and some of  today’s most popular artists such as Marty Raybon, Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out, the Lonesome River Band, The Roys and many more.

I feel like my dad, Don Reno, left me in charge of making sure the next generations who play bluegrass and traditional country understand where our music came from through video and documentaries. Hopefully the next generation will be able to take it to the next level with their own talent to keep it exciting and fresh for generations to come”, stated Ronnie Reno.

Among the plans for this expanded association between Reno and Rural Rhythm includes the development of a video documentary on the importance of country radio and barn dances in traditional and old time music; a new Ronnie Reno & Reno Tradition recording; bringing a special “Reno’s Old Time Music Show” with special guests to key venues and other projects to be announced shortly.

Reno’s Old Time Music TV show on RFD-TV brings the best in old time music by top artists from

 yesterday and today and is seen by more than 1 million TV viewers a month.  In its fifth season, Reno’s Old Time Music has provided quality productions and first rate entertainment enjoyed by millions of country and bluegrass fans and at the same time amassing one of the largest traditional old time music video libraries. Through his work over the years with the legendary group Reno & Smiley, as a solo artist and now with the huge success of Reno’s Old Time Music weekly TV show, Ronnie is one of yesterday’s and today’s important music entertainers.   Rural Rhythm is excited to be working with Ronnie to help him expand his audience even further and provide his fans with more opportunities to enjoy the talents and showmanship in new and different settings and places.”, commented Passamano.


To watch Ronnie Reno and the Reno Tradition is to witness living traditional and bluegrass history.

Ronnie has had one of the most colorful, diverse and distinguished careers in the music industry. On the traditional side, he has toured as an opening act and band member for Merle Haggard, toured with Mel Tillis, done studio work for Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty and Willie Nelson, and written hits for both Haggard and Twitty. On the bluegrass side, he spent several years providing part of the trademark harmonies of the Osborne Brothers.

Bookending those personal milestones is a career based in family that has provided modern music with some of its most noteworthy moments. As a boy, Ronnie became part of bluegrass greatness when he picked up the mandolin and joined his father’s band. His dad, Don Reno, happened to be one-half of Hall of Famers Reno and Smiley, and young Ronnie was part of many of the act’s great recordings in the ’50s and ’60s. These days, Ronnie heads the Reno Tradition, an act that encapsulates some of the greatest sounds and moments of traditional bluegrass music.

Ronnie’s life in music has seen his wide-ranging accomplishments earn him any number of honors. He created, produced and is starring in his own cable TV program, “Reno’s Old Time Music,” which could be seen in 62 million households on RFD/ FamilyNet TV. He has earned a nomination for the prestigious Cable Ace Award for Best Musical Series. Ronnie has received the Distinguished Achievement and Broadcaster Of The Year Awards from the International Bluegrass Music Association, and has served on the board of directors of the International Bluegrass Music Museum in Owensboro, KY and the Kentucky Center for Traditional Music at Morehead State University.

Ronnie is in his 5th season on RFD and Family/Net TV and is proud to present the finest talent our music has to offer to the millions of fans that watch his show each week.


In 1955 Uncle Jim O’Neal started Rural Rhythm with a few dollars and lot of dreams.  He knew he couldn’t produce all the bluegrass & old-time country records, so as he used to say he just “made the best of it”.

Over the years Rural Rhythm has produced and distributed hundreds of classic performances by many of the legends and pioneers of bluegrass and old-time country music such as Mac Wiseman, Don Reno, Red Smiley, Hylo Brown, Vassar Clements, Jim Eanes, Bill Harrell, Curly Fox, J.E. Mainer, Raymond Fairchild, Tater Tate and more.  Rural Rhythm has put a lot of dedication into preserving the works of traditional bluegrass and old-time country music throughout the 50’s, 60’s & early 70’s releasing hundreds of titles in the SOUND TRADITIONS and HERITAGE COLLECTION series.

Almost 60 years later, Rural Rhythm has established itself as a leader in the Traditional & Contemporary Bluegrass market with major album titles being released recently by the following artists; Lonesome River Band (IBMA Winner), Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out, Marty Raybon (Grammy ®Winner), Bobby Osborne (Legend  & Grand Ole Opry member), Mountain Heart, Michael Martin Murphey (Grammy ®Nominee), Larry Sparks (Dove ® Nominee) , Lou Reid, John McEuen, The Roys, Audie Blaylock, Randy Kohrs (Grammy ® Winner), Jim Van Cleve (Grammy ® Nominee), The Marksmen Quartet (Dove ® Nominee), Cody Shuler & Pine Mountain Railroad (Dove ® Nominee), and more.




Marty Raybon Shines in “God Didn’t Choose Sides” Civil War Music Video


Nashville, TN (October 14, 2013) – Rural Rhythm Records is proud to announce the music video for the title track of their “God Didn’t Choose Sides” album.  Released on February 12th of this year,“God Didn’t Choose Sides” contains Civil War true stores about real people that focus on the common men and women who were thrown together into the realities and horrors of war and displayed amazing acts of kindness, selflessness, faith, love and brotherhood to their fellow Americans.

“There have been hundreds of books, movies and songs created about the battles, presidents, generals & heroes as told in our history books about the Civil War. However, rarely do we hear the stories on a personal level of the unsung heroes who gave their lives or had their lives totally turned upside down or adversely changed during the War Between the States which has had such an important impact on our American culture and historical foundation”, commented album project executive producer, Sam Passamano, II.

The media has received this unique Civil War themed special recorded event album extremely well:

“This is truly an exceptional work about a poignant time in history. The songs and performances on this project paint a vivid and moving picture. It’s an artistic triumph.”

Kyle Cantrell (Bluegrass Junction, Sirius XM Radio)

”…God Didn’t Choose Sides reminds us of what my generation already knew and what future generations need to know…”  –

Ronnie Reno, Reno’s Old Time Music, RFD-TV, 2013 IBMA “Broadcaster of the Year”

Marty Raybon is featured on the title track, written by Mark Brinkman and Paula Breedlove, which tells of an incident following a day long battle when the armies on both sides laid down their weapons to witness a baptism in the river that separated them.

On August 21st the music video was shot on location in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee in the beautiful mountain community of producer, songwriter and featured artist on the album, Steve Gulley. Re-enactors from both the Union and Confederate sides helped bring a movie feel in the telling of this story to the music video.  Re-enactors from the East Tennessee Battery and the 79th New York organizations include; Bill White, Frank White, Jeremy Ray, Jimmy Heltom, Shane Miles, William Dewey Beard, R.L. Kelly and Ernie McStraw

 “Since this story is so unique and compelling we wanted to bring the element of a short movie feeling to this music video. We were fortunate to use many of the same Civil War re-enactors from the 1st East Tennessee Battery and the 79th New York organizations that were present for the special God Didn’t Choose Sides concert event at Lincoln Memorial University back on February 22nd,”stated Sammy Passamano, III, music video director

A companion music video is currently being edited by Passamano, III and will be available shortly for the song from the album titled “There Is A Fountain”, performed by The Gap Creek Quartet (Dale Ann Bradley, Steve Gulley, Don Gulley and Vic Graves). In the story of the title track, “There Is A Fountain”was the song that was sung by the soldiers during the baptism depicted in the music video “God Didn’t Choose Sides”.

This year marks Raybon’s 40th year as an Entertainer.  Grammy, CMA, ACM Awards with Shenandoah have been a part of Raybon’s celebrated 40 years.  The celebration just recently continued when Raybon won his first IBMA award, “Recorded Gospel Song of the Year” for “Beulah Land” during the 24th IBMA Awards Show which took place on September 26th in Raleigh, North Carolina.  This song is off his “Southern Roots & Branches” album released in April 2012. It also contains his first #1 song on the Bluegrass Unlimited chart, “Dirt Road Heartache”, which hit #1 in June this year.

In addition, his current album, released in March of this year, “The Back Forty”, contains the single“That Janie Baker” which moved up the Bluegrass Unlimited chart at #18 this month.  The single also reached #3 on the Sirius XM  Bluegrass Junction Most-Played Tracks in May and #3 on the Bluegrass Today Monthly Airplay Chart in June.  Another song, “Slowly (I’m Falling)”, also from “The Back Forty” was #3 on Sirius XM Bluegrass Junction Most-Played Tracks and the album was #6 on the Sirius XM Bluegrass Junction Most-Played Albums September charts.

For more information on Marty Raybon and his tour dates please visit Marty  For more information on God Didn’t Choose Sides please visit God Didn’t Choose

Steve Gulley & Rural Rhythm’s Long Term Deal

Steve Gulley & Rural Rhythm’s Long Term Deal




Steve Gulley & Rural Rhythm's Long Term Deal
Steve Gulley & Rural Rhythm’s Long Term Deal

 Nashville, TN (October 7, 2013) – Rural Rhythm Records is proud to announce it has signed a long-term recording and production agreement with Steve Gulley.  The first album will be a gospel album titled “Family,Friends & Fellowship”, and is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2014.  Guest artists on the album include; Ricky Skaggs, Doyle Lawson, Kenny & Amanda Smith, Joe Mullins, Tim Surrett, Phil Leadbetter, Les Butler, Mark Wheeler, Don Gulley, Debbie Gulley, Brad Gulley and more.

Steve says, “ I have felt the need to record an all-gospel project for a long time now. I have always looked at my music as a ministry and an extension of my faith so I’m so excited to finally have the chance to see this come to fruition in the making of “Family, Friends, & Fellowship.”

Gulley is  hard at work producing other new projects for Rural Rhythm including the second from Harlan County, KY based, Cumberland River. The group’s music has been featured in several episodes of the hit FX TV series JUSTIFIED.  Cumberland River includes the talents of Jamie Dean, Dustin Middleton, Brad Gulley (Steve’s son), Jamie Stewart and Gary Robinson, Jr.  Gulley is also finishing up the debut album by the bluegrass gospel group Crosspoint on Rural Rhythm Christian, scheduled for released in early 2014, and the follow-up to the critically acclaimed album God Didn’t Choose Sidesalso scheduled for a 2014 release.

Gulley has been a part of the Rural Rhythm family for many years.  His friendship with the label goes back to Steve’s days with Mountain Heart and kicked off with the Rural Rhythm release of his collaborative album “Dogwood Winter” with Tim Stafford in 2010.   The album contained two radio songs, “Just Along For The Ride” and “How Did That Turn Info My Problem”, both reaching high on the Bluegrass Unlimited song chart.   In 2011 Rural Rhythm released Grasstowne’s third album,“Kickin’ Up Dust”, featuring Steve as a founding member of the group.  The album produced two successful radio songs, the title track and “Blue Rocking Chair”.   Both songs landed high on theBluegrass Unlimited song chart.

Gulley also produced and was a featured artist in the Holiday TV show “Christmas the Mountain Way” released last year on CD / DVD from Rural Rhythm Christian.  The one hour Holiday TV show was broadcast nationally on BlueHighways TV and will air again on the cable network this season.  Other featured performers on this Holiday TV show included; Dale Ann Bradley, Marty Raybon, Audie Blaylock and host / performer Mike Scott.

Released on Lincoln’s birthday this year, Gulley produced, wrote and performed on the Civil War themed album God Didn’t Choose Sides” which contained original songs about Civil War true life stories by top songwriters Mark Brinkman, Paula Breedlove, Mike Evans, Ray Edwards, Terry Foust and Tim Stafford. The recording featured vocal performances by Marty Raybon, Russell Moore, Dale Ann Bradley, Ronnie Bowman, Lonesome River Band, Bradley Walker, Rickey Wasson & Dwight McCall and musician performances by Adam Steffey, Ron Stewart, Justin Moses, and Mark Fain.

 “Steve Gulley has been a big part of Rural Rhythm’s success over the past years contributing his talents on many important album projects for the label.  It a been an absolute joy and privilege to be working side by side with Steve over the years to create a string of very successful album projects that I know music fans have enjoyed all over the world.  We are very excited to be a part of Steve’s music family now and in the future and look forward to all the creative music this highly talented singer, songwriter and producer will grace us with over the years”, commented Sam Passamano, II – President / CEO of Rural Rhythm Records

“ I am so proud to have been a part of the Rural Rhythm family for sometime now so the signing of the long term recording and production agreement was an easy decision for me. I have such a great relationship with the Passamano family and all the folks at the label. They’ve always given me the trust and creative freedom needed to make the best possible music I can and their friendship is invaluable. I’m looking forward to being here with Rural Rhythm for years to come.”

Steve is currently on tour performing with Dale Ann Bradley.  For more information on go to